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Le féminisme comme tous mouvements très idéologiques dispose d'une stratégie pour appliquer sa façon de penser. Pour sa mise en oeuvre il doit adopter une posture et une certaine forme de raisonnement qui s'applique dans tous les domaines de la société aujourd'hui. Le domaine militaire est un secteur pour qui depuis des milliers d'années la stratégie n'est pas un gros mot. C'est ainsi que nous avons souhaitez-vous faire connaître cet article dont nous avons sélectionné quelques passages :

"As documented in so many posts here, feminism has triumphed to an extent undreamed of by its advocates 50 years ago. This ideology has conquered most of the major institutions in America, and strongly influences most of the remained (e.g., the military, conservative Christian churches). They are in the last phase, pursuit and destruction of a fleeing foe."


"Feminists also have followed the precepts of the late, great strategist John Boyd given in “Patterns of Conflict

“{I}nfiltrate a nation or regime at all levels to soften and shatter the moral fiber of the political, economic and social structure. Simultaneously …strip-away potential allies thereby isolate intended victim(s) for forthcoming blows. To carry out this program, a la Sun Tzu …

“– Probe and test adversary, and any allies that may rally to his side, in order to unmask strengths, weaknesses, maneuvers, and intentions.

“– Exploit critical differences of opinion, internal contradictions, frictions, obsessions, etc., in order to foment mistrust, sow discord and shape both adversary’s and allies’ perception of the world thereby: create atmosphere of ‘mental confusion, contradiction of feeling, indecisiveness, panic’ …Make it difficult, if not impossible, for allies to aid adversary during his time of trial.” (Chart 69)"


"What might defeat the onrush of fourth generation feminism, with its emphasis on the superiority of women, crushing of boys, mob tribunals (“always believe the woman’s accusations, no matter how unfounded – unless they are against Bill”), and breaking gender roles? Answer: feminists no longer follow Lenin’s rule #5 – “at all costs retain moral superiority.” William Lind described how losing at the moral/strategic level has led to repeated failures for America’s foreign policy. That might be the fate of feminism.

The first three waves of feminism advanced under the flags of equality and freedom, the two trumps in American history. Votes for women! Free love – free from patriarchal limits (a movement continuing today against “slut-shaming”). Freedom from their marriage vows. Equal opportunities for education and employment.

But over time the Movement’s goals have shifted. Equal access to education evolved into oppressing boys, so that girls have moved decisively ahead. Free love – spontaneous, unregulated – evolved into a regulated process requiring verbal consent at every step plus forms and apps. Regulations on what men say and look at and decorate their spaces (the environment must be regulated to be female-friendly, no matter how intense the regulations required).

Now the Movement has entered a new era. Feminists push to change millennia-old rules of justice, such as presumption of innocence. Major institutions are explicitly biased against men, such as family courts, much of the major media, universities, and an increasing number of other organizations.

New vistas lie ahead for fourth generation feminists. Professor Suzanna Walters asks “Why can’t we hate men?” “Culture critic” Wednesday Martin advocates the next step in having it all is using sex as a weapon: “What if women went on a sex strike before the midterms?” Such a strike would force “making sex female-focused and female-pleasure-centric. …cease to consider what women like and want as foreplay and reframe it as the main event.” This will “begin to force other shifts in thinking in important ways.” That last sentence is certainly true, but probably not as she intends.

Feminism has advanced due to its broad support among men. Now men are – slowly – realizing that the meaning of feminism has changed. Feminists no longer march under banners that compel their support. Feminists have abandoned the moral high ground, instead pursing naked self-interest. I cannot see how this will influence the future. But I predict it will have a large effect. This is the next phase of the gender wars. Expect the unexpected."