Voici quelques passages d'un article sur l'écart important entre les hommes et les femmes dans l'éducation aux Etats-Unis. Nous sommes satisfaits de voir indiqué que les aides spécifiques aux femmes comme de la discrimination (bourse d'études,...) en effet nous n'avons rien contre le fait que des femmes soit présentes dans les filières dites masculines cependant les méthodes féministes et de féminisation (les objectifs de femme/fille, quota, parité, représentation et répartition sexuée, bourse d'études féminine car trop d'hommes, livre scolaire, méthode pédagogique, programmes pour femme, visite pour femme, ... ) nous sommes opposés. Cependant aux Etats-Unis comme en France l'heure et aux féministes, les politiques hommes ne peuvent et veulent rien faire et les femmes politiques sont bien dociles aux féminismes (parité, quota, égalitarisme,... ) la situation continue mais au moins plus le temps passe plus les effets seront visibles dans de nombreux domaines.


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For decades the US educational establishment has been crushing men while focusing its efforts on the enrichment of women — special women-only programs, scholarships, etc. For a decade people have warning that we have moved beyond equality, creating a widening gender gap.  Now the results have become impossible to ignore. Next come the consequences. They won’t be pretty.

The 2015 Digest of Education Statistics by the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) tells the tale. Mark J. Perry (Prof Economics at U MI-Flint) crunches the numbers to show the sad story. See this astonishing table and excerpt from his note at the AEI.


Gender Gap - Class of 2017


Over the next decade, the gender disparity for college degrees is expected to increase according to Department of Education forecasts, so that by 2026, women will earn 150 college degrees for every 100 degrees earned by men, with especially huge gender imbalances in favor of women for associate’s degrees (187 women for every 100 men) and master’s degrees (140 women for every 100 men).

“The huge gender inequity in higher education for the Class of 2017 is nothing new — women have earned a majority of US college degrees in every year since 1982 and since then have earned an increasingly larger share of college degrees compared to men in almost every year …

“Despite the huge and growing ‘degree gap’ over the last 35 years in favor of women, there are still almost 200 women’s centers on college campuses around the country (list here), some receiving public funding, most with the stated goal of ‘promoting (or advocating) gender equity’ and promoting ‘women’s success.’ …”


Professor Perry lists a remarkable number of discriminatory programs and awards for women in Michigan schools and universities, all intended to promote a gender equality that was achieved decades ago. The stench of their hypocrisy cannot be long hidden.

We cannot yet see the results of this large and growing gender gap, but they will be significant. Education is the key in our society, the source of credentials which act as tickets to career advancement. In each field income gaps will eventually appear — with women earning more then men in many occupations. This will force profound changes in society, for good or ill.

The unabashed shift of our institutions from pursuit of equality to special treatment for women also might produce another kind of change — blowback from men. There is always a counter-revolution.


The gender gap has been growing for at least two decades, as seen the US Government’s Women in the Labor Force: A Databook (2007 Edition). Perhaps the most telling datum is Table 25 – Wives who earn more than their husbands:  26% in 2005, up almost half from 1987 (for marriages in which both work).  This includes graduates from the 1970s and 1980’s; the rate for couples who graduated in the last 5 – 10 years is certainly far higher.

A sample of the warnings in both research and the mass media.

  1. The myth that schools shortchanged girls“ by Judith Kleinfeld (Prof Psychology, U Alaska) in Men’s Insight Magazine, 1998
  2. Why Do Women Outnumber Men in College?“ in the Digest of the National Bureau of Economic Research, January 2007.
  3. Projections of Education Statistics to 2016“ by the US Department of Education, December 2007.
  4. Women Now Dominate Higher Education at Every Degree Level; The Female-Male Degree Gap Grows“ by Mark Perry (Prof of Economics, U of Michigan) at his blog Carpe Diem, 2 June 2009.
  5. The Shriver Report by the Center for American Progress, October 2009 — “A Women’s Nation Changes Everything”.
  6. The End of Men” by Hanna Rosin in the The Atlantic, 8 June 2010.
  7. The Rise of Women: 7 Charts Showing Women’s Rapid Gains in Educational Achievement” by the Russell Sage Foundation, 2013.
  8. Graph showing the percentage of Bachelor’s degrees conferred to women, by major (1970-2012). The latter shows that women are catching up fast in the sciences: 40-45% in Math, Statistics, and the Physical Sciences in 2012, and 58% Biology degrees. Based on the NCES 2013 Digest of Education Statistics.
  9. Women’s Participation in Education and the Workforce“ by the Council of Economic Advisers, 14 October 2014.


Quelques extraits d'article féministe et politiquement correcte :

Foreshadowing all of this is The Natural Superiority of Women by Ashley Montagu (1952).

  1. Why Women Are the Superior Gender“ by Clifford N Lazarus in Psychology Today, 2 February 2011 — “In a Battle of the Sexes, Bet on the Women!”
  2. Superiority of Female Workers Confirmed: Study Finds Women Really Do Work Longer And Harder Than Men“ by Elise Ackerman in Forbes, 24 February 2013 — Findings from this study by the Ponemon Institute.
  3. Why Women Are The Stronger Sex According To Science“ by the Huffpost Design Studio, 24 April 2014 — Much of this is snark and gibberish, but there is a core of fact to it. This is unabashed applause for the gender gap. The last bullet says “the best is yet to come.”
  4. A Better World, Run by Women“ by Melvin Konner in the Wall Street Journal, 6 March 2015 — “Male biology has brought the world war, corruption and scandal. Women are poised to lead us to a better place.”

See Hanna Rosin’s book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women (2012) and Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy by by Melvin Konner, M.D. (2015).


See Hanna Rosin’s book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women (2012) and Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy by by Melvin Konner, M.D. (2015).


Books about causes of the growing gender gap.