Nous avons déjà cité en lien le site parmi ces rubriques et dans ces articles les questions de genre et le féministe y sont abordés. Nous avons choisi de mettre celui-ci en évidence il ne faut pas oublier que le féministe est très présent aux Etats-Unis et ses revendications s'exportent facilement de différentes manières. Nous avons ici quelques chiffres et donnés qui mettent en évidence un changement important du rôle des hommes et des femmes via le féministe, l'éducation et les nouvelles normes de société. Quelques passages de cet article :


The Last Jedi projects actual trends in our society on the big screen, magnified so that we can better see them. These are world-shaking trends. While the media tell us that women are victims, they are moving ahead of men in many important ways.

“Reality check: American women – especially those in the professional/managerial class – are among the freest and most self-determining human beings on the planet. They may run into the occasional troglodyte, but overall, they are not merely doing as well as men – they are starting to surpass them. According to a recent survey of hiring data, young women are starting to out-earn young men. Women now earn most of the advanced degrees – including doctorates. The women’s advocacy group Catalyst reports that as of 2015, ‘women held 51.5% of all management, professional, and related occupations’. …

“Girl Power is real. Instead of carrying on about how frightened and degraded we are, maybe it’s time to acknowledge the truth: in 2017, we can destroy almost any man by a single accusation.”

— Christina Hoff Sommers at Spiked. She is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and host of “The Factual Feminist.” See her bio.

Education points to the future

“34% of women born in the years 1980–84 had earned a bachelor’s degree by age 29, compared with 26% of men.”
Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Women earned majority of doctoral degrees in 2016 for 8th straight year and outnumber men in grad school 135 to 100” by Mark Perry at AEI, 28 September 2017. Data from the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) annual report on US graduate school enrollment and degrees for 2016. (Also see the

This is a snapshot of America’s future, because credentials are almost everything. They are the gateways in our society to good things.


Enrollment in graduate school by gender and field


About income!

Women in their 20s earn more than men of same age, study finds” at The Guardian, 28 August 2015. Per research by the Press Association.

Young women are asking for (and getting) more pay than men” by Jeanne Sahadi at CNN, 12 April 2016. Based on an analysis of job offers by Hired.

Young women are getting richer, as young men get poorer” by Nicole Lyn Pesce at Moneyish, 20 April 2017. That’s the surprising reveal from a new U.S. Census report on young adults, which found that young women are pulling ahead of many young men in the workforce.



This are the trends shaping America. None can say how far it will take us, or what our resulting society will look like, except that it will be very different than we have today. Or what we expect for tomorrow.

We are spinning the controls on the dashboard of society, guided only by our ideology. We are monkeys at the controls of machinery whose workings we do not understand. Let’s hope for a good outcome. I’ll bet that unanticipated consequences will rule.

“Unless you expect the unexpected you will never find truth, for it is difficult to discover.”
— Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic “Weeping Philosopher” of Ionia.



Voici d'autres articles extrait du site :

"They interviewed only the women to learn why men did not marry them. It is feminist science: always believe the woman. No need to ask the men. See the details about the study here." C'est valable pour tout le féministe ses normes, sa science, sa philosophie

“By portraying men as victims we are acting like girls. That will not help us. We would be better off looking in the mirror and saying ‘we’ve been weak, and that stops today.’”

"Sarah and millions like her are the products of America’s giant social science experiment — much like that of the Soviet Union and China with communism. As in communist States, the news media provide enthusiastic accounts about the Progress So Far and the Wonders That Lie Ahead. Professor Regnerus provides a more accurate status report.

This is the logical outcome, and was predicted (as a future post will describe). We dismantled the rules of conduct between the sexes, but are surprised at the resulting Hobbesian jungle. For young people, relations have returned to the “state of nature — a “war of all against all

This chaos might ruin the lives of many in the next few generations. It is the almost inevitable result of Leftists playing with controls they don’t understand, implementing their ideology without testing. Instead they rely, as fanatics usually do, on their belief that they “know” what’s best for us. They are monkeys in the control room."

"Summary: As the Left burns politically, they continue their conquest of America’s institutions. Now the last bunkers are falling. Such as the Boy Scouts and evangelical Christianity. The Scouts’ decision was good business. The latter’s decision is not, as it drives away men — leaving pews filled mostly with women and the elderly. Sermons castigate men for their faults (even on Father’s Day) and urge women to have better self-esteem. They urge radical changes to marriage that benefit women."

"The problem for complementarians is they have to live in the margins of feminism, because their whole point of existence is to serve as feminism’s loyal opposition. This forces complementarians to engage in a series of ridiculous contortions as feminists continue to advance their agenda. Complementarians can’t blame feminist rebellion, or even (for the most part) feminism itself for the radical changes we are observing, because they are terrified of angering the feminist Christian women who surround them.  Thus when women insisted on entering all areas of our armed forces in the name of equality, complementarians were forced to pretend that women were reluctantly filling roles that men were refusing to fill."

"But this was in 2014. What was loved by complementarian women back then is now seen as toxic masculinity. This means that the definition of the timeless essence of manhood must yet again be changed. As Pastor Chandler explained in his February 2018 sermon “Manhood Restored,” the new timeless essence of manhood involves rejecting violence and machismo in all forms, and getting in touch with your feelings:"

The second goes to the heart of modern feminism. Women are as tough as men. They can take care of themselves. They can do anything that men can do. But when introduced into an all-male organization, new and powerful regulatory machinery must be created to protect them. The US military and corporations are in the midst of this now.

Tighter regulation of boys in Scouting would be unfortunate. Scouting is one of the few remaining “safe spaces” for boys, where boys can be boys. In school and sports, they’re regimented like soldiers. Parents – often under pressure from teachers – drug boys who are too spirited. Now Boy Scouts joins the parade.

"It is that time of year again, with a flood of articles about the gender wage gap. My favorite is the World Economic Council’s terrifying calcuation that “At current rates of progress, it may take another 202 years to close the economic gender gap globally.” Of course, it’s about the children: “Young Girls Are Confused And Angry About Gender Pay Gap.” These assume that anything not accounted for by their models is discrimination.

The Department of Labor’s Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report points to one of the real gender gaps. Women worked 44% of the total hours of paid civilian work and had a fatal work injury rate of 0.6 deaths per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers. Men worked 56% of the hours and had a death rate of 5.7  – almost 10x higher than women’s."

"These jobs pay a premium over safe indoors work of equivalent education. Do academics’ models calculate what is an adequate premiums for the extra danger?

Also, many jobs in male-dominated jobs wear away the bodies of workers. By age 60 many of these men are worn out, unlike most workers in climate-controlled offices. Do academics’ models calculate an adequate premium for their shorter working lives and harsh working conditions?

The commonly used models consider differences between men and women in hours worked, time taken off for children, early retirement, and education. Few consider the other important factors. The widespread use of too-simplistic models – bogus but politically useful – is a widespread and growth problem. It one of today’s major sources of fake news. That is why we are misinformed about so many important issues."

"Feminists have long worked to eradicate chivalry, and all aspects of patriarchal culture, from our society. The essence of patriarchy – male leadership and protection of women – has become not just illegitimate but repugnant or evil, along with its system of reciprocal obligations. We watch films in which women respond to warnings or offers of help by men with “I can take of myself” – no matter how overwhelming the danger. We see films of women easily beating up men. We see films of women hitting men – including their boyfriends – for trivial reasons (see some examples). These are our new social norms projected on the big screen."

"This is the problem with social engineering. Leftists change one part of society, but seldom consider how this change will ripple out and change other social dynamics. Which in turn change other things. The Left has changed many fundamental aspects of US society, and intends to change more in the next few years. Untended consequences will be the next chapter in America’s history."

"The progress of feminism is the chief manifestation of the Left’s power. It is one of the largest social engineering experiments in history (e.g., see this and this). The first three waves of feminism obtained increasingly broad forms of equality, each facing weaker opposition. Now we have fourth-wave feminism – the quest for superiority. It abandons any pretense of society as a joint endeavor of men and women. It is about organizing women to work for their own benefit."

"But none of that chatter matters. This is about smart well-funded organizing. It is about power. It is why they are winningAlways believe the victim#MeToo, the fake wage gap, endless waves of regulation (e.g., of how men look at women, of dating) – they have won these and many other campaigns. But their quest for supremacy has just begun. The entertainment industry, the Greater Hollywood, shows us what lies ahead. Here are two examples."

The four waves of feminism.

The first three waves of feminism were the quest for equal rights. The Fourth Wave seeks supremacy but marches under the same flag. This causes confusion in those not paying close attention, who do not realize that the name is the same but the goals have changed.

Radical feminists seek to make women’s testimony beyond challenge (as Sander’s has learned, despite his impeccable Leftist credentials), make marriage a one-sided deal imprudent for men to enter, and make discrimination against men in education and employment national policy. Opposing these is condemned as “oppression of women” and sexism.

Fourth-wave feminists are open about their goals, with campaigns that would be considered gross sexism if the genders were reversed (which was a test for sexism in the second- and third-wave feminism). Such as “the future is female” campaigns. Obama’s proud claim that “women are better then men.” A host of articles and books proclaim the superiority of women and inferiority (or evil) of men. Op-eds in major newspapers urge men to let women rule (e.g., here and here). Even polite conversation among equals becomes “harassment” to fourth-wave feminists (only abject deference by men suffices), as seen in these radical feminists’ reactions to the proposal scenes in Pride And Prejudice.

“Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women too. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same. For years, women’s progress has been cast as a struggle for equality. But what if equality isn’t the end point? What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited to women? A report on the unprecedented role reversal now under way – and its vast cultural consequences.”

“In the ’90s, when {biologist Ronald Ericsson} looked into the numbers for the two dozen or so clinics that use his process {sex selection}, he discovered, to his surprise, that couples were requesting more girls than boys, a gap that has persisted …In some clinics the ratio is now as high as 2 to 1. …A newer method for sperm selection, called MicroSort, {has} girl requests …at about 75%. …

"Her article is well-stocked with data and logic, which I will not repeat here. Read it. Better yet read her book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. It’s not just that women are doing better (that’s a good thing), but that the absolute condition of men is deteriorating. People have been pointing that out for a decade, but it’s been shouted down by feminists until the numbers have become too dark to easily ignore (we’re still ignoring them; it’s just more difficult to do so)."

"Expect to see more of those articles. Showing that women are better gets attention. For academics, it is the fast track to publication and tenure. Showing that men are better is sexism. Publication in major venues is almost impossible. Ostracism, even career death, is likely should you get published. The wise researcher will tilt the results to match today’s dogma.

Also, note the high degree of self-hatred in those articles above that are written by men.

At Cornell, I was taught third wave feminism by sociology professor Judith Long Laws (author of The Second X: Sex Role and Social Role, 1978). She taught us to gain a better perspective when looking for sexism by reversing the genders in a statement. By that method, cutting edge feminism is sexist at the core. What happened?"

"The first three waves of feminism (there are many definitions of each) were about the quest for equality.

The fourth wave is about the quest for superiority and control over men by women. Controlling how men look at women and how they talk. Politicians, bureaucrats, and judges set rules for courtship and seduction. Special programs and scholarships for women. Preferences in hiring and workplace advancement for women (starting in colleges, spreading from there). Law enforcement and social service agencies use the Duluth Model when dealing with domestic violence; in practice this usually treats the man as the guilty party – even if he is the victim. “Believe the women victim” makes a man’s defense difficult – and is advocated by feminists even though the number of false claims shows it to be unjust."

"Before discussing the causes and effects of changes, we need to understand what has changed. The numbers are out there, although often too radical for dispassionate analysis.

Sandra L. Bem created the Bem Sex-Role Inventory in 1974. It provides a consistent benchmark to measure the gender traits of American college students. In the four decades since (1974–2012) the masculine trait scores for women increased significantly from 1974 to 1994, then remained stable from 1994 to 2012. Women’s androgyny scores followed the same pattern: they increased from 1974 to 1994, then remained stable. Women’s femininity scores did not change, nor did men’s scores for masculinity, femininity, or androgyny. {Per a paper by Kristin Donnelly and Jean M. Twenge in Sex Roles, May 2017.}"

From the beginning, Feminism advocated an enlightened libertarianism while striving to create {an egalitarian} republic. It was at once individualistic and communitarian, and it inherited the hard-nosed intolerances of absolutism. Patrice Higonnet put it best in Goodness beyond Virtue (1998).

‘Feminists automatically assumed that Feminism could not stand still. Because its fragile and demanding nature did not allow for negotiation, because all problems as they arose were to be resolved ideologically and not pragmatically, Feminism — thought the Feminists — would either fall back or move forward. It required commitment. It could not pause. Time and time again, Feminist politics excluded those revolutionaries who feared to go further.’

Note the many similarities between these two revolutions. First, see the toll taken by the #meToo movement among bien pensant male feminists in the leftist-dominated entertainment and media industries, and academia. As the feminist movement gains power, how it handles these internal tensions will determine its results.

"At a time when the West is priding itself for its advancements in allegedly fighting sexism, what we see is a return to an antiquated chivalry that gallops to the rescue of these damsels in distress. As a favourite tool of neo-colonialism, US imperialists routinely depicted countries in Latin America as women in distress needing to be “saved” by Uncle Sam."

"Women, and particularly young girls, are meant to stimulate panic, a sense of emergency, requiring urgent and always exceptional action. As the Mayor of Montreal said about the climate march and Thunberg’s appearance, she hopes everyone will remember that day when the time comes to make some “hard decisions”. This is how one goes about creating the psychological basis for a state of siege, and ensuring that the siege mentality is instilled in a manner that makes it seep down to the furthest reaches of the social fabric."

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men]. I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything …living standards and outcomes.” 

"This is what victory by feminists looks like. It has become commonplace to hear men’s speeches in which they proudly say that they are inferior to their wives. But now women, as a group, are better. Many are not shy about saying so. In 2010 Hanna Rosin wrote “The End of Men” in The Atlantic, expanded into a book: The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. Other similar articles and books are listed at the end of this post. This is not just ideology, but reality in some ways. For a decade I have written about the coming gender role reversal bringing women on top of men (links here). Now it is obvious to all who care to see.

It’s not just that women are doing better (that’s a good thing), but that the absolute condition of men is deteriorating. Not by accident. Our society works diligently to crush boys, as described in The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It by Warren Farrell and John Gray (2018). They describe how this is done and the sad consequences. I (and others) have also been documenting this (e.g., here and here). The British news media (less PC, more competitive than those in the US) publish stories such as “Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief” by Camila Turner in The Telegraph (2018). See posts about the war on boys."

" Employment fields dominated by women are AOK, but any dominated by men are obviously crimes-in-progress.

  Women are pulling ahead of men in almost every metric, aided by a vast array of special programs and government incentives.

It takes time for this trend to fully reshape society (e.g., for women to largely replace men at the top of institutions), but that seems inevitable – if for no other reason, due to their greater numbers with undergraduate and graduate degrees. As the evidence became definitive in the past few years, I have begun documenting this. See some of the evidence in “Women are winning the gender wars” and “Women are driving America into the future.”

A test for sexism used by third-wave feminists works well to detect fourth-wave feminism. Reverse the genders. If it sounds sexist against men, it is 4th Wave. Say “men are better than women.” Reversing the genders does not make that statement less bigoted. Ditto for “the future is female” (see the history of this slogan)."

Professor Willcox urges Congress to look for ways to strengthen marriage, but it would be hugely beneficial if the government would simply stop working so diligently to facilitate kicking fathers out of the home, and out of their children’s lives. But kicking dads out is essential to achieving feminist goals. The machinery of familial destruction is essential to empower women who are unmarried, divorced, and even married.

Introduction: Men are abandoning the rat race. They are dropping out of the labor force and avoiding marriage (see here and here). The great and wise explain this without bothering to ask men. They say that these young men are pawns of economic and social forces, and neurotic Peter Pans that refuse to grow up. But men are rationally responding to changes in our society. We should learn from them because this trend has just begun. The effect on society will be immense, unpredictable, and probably bad.

Social and economic trends have made marriage less attractive to men while new alternatives have arisen. Men have responded rationally by prioritizing other aspects of life over the accumulation of material goods and pursuit of good women (aka the “rat race”).

By dropping, out these men act against society’s norms – proving that they have agency, the ability to act independently and exercise free choice. As usual, the establishment’s analysts condemn this new counterculture as immoral.

"NBC News boldly makes racism a core hiring policy. Next up: how to report the news along purely Leftist lines! Ben Smith of the NYT reports about a new memo by Cesar Conde, chairman of NBC News. He will make “50% of our News organization employees be women and 50% of our total workforce be people of color.” Tough luck for white and Asian men."

"Let’s look overseas. In Germany Twitter loves hate speech: “Which gloves would you wear to murder your wife?

Also note their version of democracy. You will vote the right way! “Your #ballot is invalid if you choose one person twice or two female applicants.” Since there is only one male applicant and two women, you must pick the man or your vote is invalid."

"What if the gender-bending experiment – the drastic revision of historical gender roles – does not end well for our children? What will future generations say about us, people who used their children as lab rats in one of the largest social science experiments in history – acting only on untested theories?"

"Gender behavior is largely a social construct. Once social pressure was removed, in three generations most women changed their clothing to that of men – wearing traditional outfits only for commercial advantage, to hunt, and for ceremonies. Feminists decided to see the effects of reversing the process, getting boys to wear traditional female outfits. Feminist-dominated institutions, such as grade schools, began experiments on boys. Without bothering to consult the parents. In time we will see the results."

"A hit book in Sweden

By Katarina Dahlquist and Annette Skahlberg. Distributed in schools across Sweden. The publisher describes it…

“When Kalle gets a summer break he gets his cousin’s old dress with silver dots. Kalle loves the dress, it is much cooler and more comfortable than his shirt and pants.

“And when he starts school after the summer he refuses to take it off. His teachers complain and his buddies laugh – until the day he scores goals upon goals in a soccer game. Kalle has a genuine goal-making-dress. And now everyone else also wants one.”

Eventually, his Dad wears a dress to see if it can make him better at his job."

"David Walliams’ 2008 book The Boy in the Dress is a hit in Britain, pushed by grade-school teachers on their students across the land.

“It tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy who enjoys cross-dressing, and the reactions of his family and friends. It is aimed at readers aged eight to twelve, and is intended to teach children that cross-dressing is a healthy and acceptable hobby and not something to be ashamed of.” {From Wikipedia.}

“Dennis was different. Why was he different, you ask? …Charming, surprising and hilarious …David Walliams’s beautiful first novel will touch the hearts (and funny bones) of children and adults alike. ” {From the publisher.}

The BBC made it into a film (see a glowing review in The Telegraph). The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) made it into a musical."

"The likely sad consequences

Feminists – teachers, psychologists, parents, etc. – teach boys that their masculinity is toxic and urge them to adopt feminine traits. Pity the poor boys that listen, only to find that most women prefer to have sex with strong men. Many prefer bad boys (those with Dark Triad traits}. Few choose metrosexuals or men that wear dresses and act like girls.

These boys probably will be collateral damage in the great feminist experiment. Many who were ushered into gender transitions will be afflicted with severe mental health problems (some will commit suicide). Will they be impressed when we justify our actions by saying we had untested theories? Will they ever forgive us?"

"The Left has won so big and for so long. In three generations they have reshaped our society in ways that would have gotten anyone declared insane who predicted this in 1970. Marriage is radically different, and open to gays. Transgendered rights requires guys on girls’ teams and in their bathrooms. A candidate for high office is hounded by one woman’s unsupported account of a minor event at a high school party decades ago. Borders closed by FDR are thrown open, with gifts to migrants. Children are taught in elementary school how to use condoms and invent their own genders, then they are sent to Drag Queen Story hour. You can continue the list as well as I."

"The decades since the 1964 legislation has made “discrimination” a vague and broad terms.

SB-868 adds “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the Virginia Human Rights Act’s already long list of prohibited discriminations in public accommodations, employment, credit, and housing. SB-179, also signed on April 11, adds “gender, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation” to the categories of victims of hate crime offenses, resulting in a higher criminal penalty for the offense."

Every time a black person or a gay person or a woman have problems at school or at work, then that is because they are discriminated against. Every time a white one does, then that is because he (or, less often, she) has personality problems. One reason why all this is permitted is because straight whites have long turned into a minority in their own country. And whereas middle-upper middle- and upper class white men generally know how to defend themselves against such slurs if they really want to, blue collar men, whether because they do not have the necessary education or for other reasons, often do not. The emphasis, which in many places had been turned into a legal requirement, on “positive discrimination – as if discrimination could ever be “positive” – and “diversity” ensures that, when it comes to finding work, they are often relegated to the end of the queue; the consequences of this for their income and prospects hardly have to be pointed out.

"Men trod paths blazed for them by prior generations. Young men do not just learn from the strong men around them. They aspire to be like them (“role models” in modern cant). Today’s young men look at these older men and see that their education and career success – decades of hard work in the rat race – mean nothing to the wives that dump them (other than cash). Many draw the logical conclusion: “if these big men couldn’t make marriage work, I probably can’t either.” Some will take this logic one step farther and drop out of the rat race. This might explain a mystery that has economists guessing.

“During the 1996–2016 period, the nonparticipation rate increased the most for younger men of prime working age, those age 25 to 34. In terms of education, the largest increase in nonparticipation was seen among men with the middle levels of educational attainment – those with either (1) a high school diploma but no college, (2) some college, or (3) an associate’s degree.”
— “Men’s declining labor force participation” by Douglas Himes in the BLS’ Monthly Labor Review, May 2018.

A man with few aspirations can live just fine outside the rat race. No great career, but steady work. No long-term relationships with women, just casual sex (much, little, or none depending on one’s taste). Lots of booze, drugs, sports, and games. No ties to the community, nation, or religion – none of whom have done much for them."

"America provides special courses for girls. Scholarships for girls. College programs for girls. Films are carefully scrutinized for correct attitudes about women. A flood of media in every form counsel women to own the future. Governments are taking the first step to enforce quotas (e.g., California), although informal quotas are commonplace in public and private agencies."

"People with shallow minds regard money as the highest good, and believe that rational actions are those that maximize their wealth. Many women divorce because they have other values. They regard money as less important than independence, pride, and personal strength. That is what the past few generations of girls have been taught. Songs and books extoll women’s self-esteem and self-regard. Women have celebrated their tough and aggressive (even belligerent) character in songs, such as Helen Reddy in “I Am Woman” (1971, lyrics), Etana in “I Am Strong” (2012, lyricsvideo), and Katy Perry in “Rise” (2016, lyricsvideo). Textbooks, films, TV shows, and women’s studies courses teach girls and women similar messages."

"Now Girl’s Game has become respectable. See this extreme example: “I’m A Woman Who Cheated On Her Deployed Husband, This Is Why I Did It“. She collects his pay and plans to leave him eventually, using feminism to justify her actions. Dalrock’s website has a vast collection of women’s conversations from Christian conservative websites with similar views. Dalrock states the harsh truth about modern marriage."

Marriage has collapsed as an institution; we live amidst its wreckage. The driver is the rise of Girls’ Game: romance, party-of-her-life, marriage, kids, divorce, money, and independence. Now Girl’s Game has become respectable. See this extreme example: “I’m A Woman Who Cheated On Her Deployed Husband, This Is Why I Did It“. She collects his pay and plans to leave him eventually, using feminism to justify her actions. Dalrock’s website has a vast collection of women’s conversations from Christian conservative websites with similar views.

Word of this slowly spread as undernews during the past few decades. While the major media usually ignore Game, hundreds of books, videos, and courses teach men – imperfectly, crudely, often amorally – how to apply these methods in their dealings with 21st-century American women.

Much of Game consists of learning to pass the tests that women use to identify alphas. Neither the women’s tests nor Game is pretty. Both are acts in a Darwinian conflict, like those seen in nature films of life on Africa’s savannah. These are not the threads from which romantic comedies are woven (but then rom-coms are dying off, as a genre too alien for modern boys and girls).

What about the rest of us? Successful men living by the social codes of the past are “betas” (e.g., white knights, nice family men, good boys). Men unable to deal with modern women are “omegas”, substituting porn, sports, and computer games for women. These are the brutally honest classifications of street life.

"The US government responded by creating the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. Their website deserves attention. You will see that these experts have not the slightest clue as to the problem, and their solutions are pitiful. Such as the Dance Life A Father, because they can only see fathers as assistants to women and, when operating by themselves, as entertaining buffoons."

"Fathers are now deputy parents, who serve at the pleasure of the mother. Moreover, it isn’t just feminists who have waged war on fathers. If anything, “traditional conservatives” are even more hostile to fathers than feminists are. Just like feminists, the My Lord Mary Lee crowd can’t stand the thought of fathers in charge."

"That is pretty awful results from 30 years of feminist-run schools, in a feminist-dominated culture. That’s not what they promised from their experiments on lab rats America’s girls. But after all that bad news, Mary and Sara give us the standard big ending. They know the solution: more feminism."

"Feminists are conducting one of the largest and boldest social science experiments ever. Confident in their ideology, they conduct no trials or tests. We donate our children to be their lab rats. We should take a moment and wonder if this will end well, and what might be the consequences of its failure."

"The gender wars have begun. This will be the major social conflict of our time. Bigger than the US military’s nostalgic dream of fighting Russia, China, and Iran. Bigger than the Left’s nostalgic yen for obsolete communism. Bigger than the Right’s lust for plutocracy or imaginary libertarianism. It is already reshaping America, but is too big for us to see."

"Under its stress, the bolts are popping out of American society. It is too complex to see clearly, with many factors in motion: ideology, technology, the changing nature of work, the evolution of human rights, etc. This makes it difficult to understand, and almost impossible to find solutions."

"Strong societies work to raise boys fit to run their society and avoid the chaos created by “feral” (unsocialized) men. Sparta and Republican Rome are extreme examples. This was also America. We raised boys with stories of strong men, and encouraged boys to become like them.

“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

In modern America we do the opposite: we socialize boys to make them weak."

"How did this happen? Disasters (excluding natural disasters) usually result from multiple and reinforcing errors. So it is in America today. Feminists produce weak sons. Dads subservient or acquiescing to their feminist wives produce weak sons. Hollywood produces shows and commercials about weak men (especially fathers) and strong women (especially mothers) – and mocks or condemns traditional men. Too-busy families produce weak sons. Single mothers produce weak sons. Feminist-dominated institutions – such as our schools, churches and youth groups – produce weak boys. Institutions that train boys to be strong, such as Boy Scouts and male-only sports programs, are under attack."

"We are reaping the harvest from generations of this program. Young men are withdrawing from dating and marriage, graduation rates of boys are falling in high school and college, and men are “dropping out” of the rat race (aka the labor market). Feminists chortle about their victory, announcing that “men are the weaker sex” and proclaiming The End of Men And the Rise of Women (details here)."

Standardized test scores by gender


“On one major standardized test measuring proficiency in technology and engineering, there’s a gap in scores favoring girls. And it’s growing.

“Eighth-grade girls outperformed boys in every single category of the 2018 Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) exam, including content-focused areas such as design and systems and technology and society, and “practice” areas, such as understanding technology principles and developing solutions and achieving goals. …

“The report is yet more bad news for boys, who lag girls on nearly every measure of academic success, with massive gender gaps in reading as well graduation rates in high school and college. One extensive study by Stanford last year found that the gap in favor of girls in reading exists in every grade, every year, and every district (it examined 260 million state tests given to students in grades three through eight in 10,000 US school districts). Girls, on average, outperform boys by about a half a grade level in fourth grade, but a full year by eighth grade. …

“If girls are performing better on tasks like this, it should bode well for employment later in life, since being able to work with technology while also communicating and collaborating effectively is more versatile than having tech skills but no social ones.”

Ms Anderson shows not a trace of sympathy for the boys who have fallen so far behind girls. Just glee that girls have moved on top of boys. The only graph shows girls’ superior scores over boys. They show no graph of girls scores increasing, because that is less important to them.

This milestone resulted from years of work by the Left, expressed through their dominance of the social sciences and the educational institutions. It is a stealth revolution to change American society, conducted ruthlessly, coldly, and patiently."

"Feminism has been to a large extent driven by use of government power to change the basic rules of society. It is pure social engineering. As the Swiss doctor Paracelsus said, sola dosis facit venenum – the poison is in the dosage (more about this here). A society can easily tolerate a small steady stream of social engineering, especially if done after careful experimentation. But disaster becomes likely after frequent large doses, as we tinker with social dynamics beyond our understanding. This is especially likely today, when so many on the Left hate western civilization and America."

"Summary: Leftists’ radical changes to our gender roles are their grandest social engineering project, so far. Even bigger than communism. Now the results begin to appear. They are predictable, but not what our leaders expected."

"A SurveyMonkey poll sponsored by Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg’s activist organization) looks at the results of #MeToo. Too most people the results are obvious and inevitable, but they surprised some of our Leftist social engineers."

"Dalrock’s Law of Feminism: “Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems” {example here}. She has a long list of commands for men, such as this …"

"Sandberg fails to mention that women get 57% of undergraduate degrees – and that gap is growing. Feminists seldom mention this, as it ruins their victim-hood narrative. More insights follow …"

"Perhaps the pleasant betas that staff the cubicles and offices of corporate America have read her best-seller Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (2013). Perhaps they are unhappy with her positioning them as beta providers, to be used after women have fun with bad boys."

"Most Christian institutions have adopted feminism or even radical feminism into their core doctrines. As Dalrock has shown with scores of examples of Christian Conservatives, often by profound alterations to their core doctrines (see below). A massive expansion of red pill thinking among young men will break their allegiance to those institutions. Since they have already been severely weakened by modernity, secularism, and scandals – they might become just a fringe factor in US society.

Change creates opportunities. Some institutions might prosper by a resurgence of male pride. Red pill thinking might be a bridge for young men to Islam."

"As always, the action to the reaction determines what happens next. Most men taking the Red Pill see that radical feminism has initiated social decay. Some respond by enjoying the decline. Weimerica is party time! Game and Red Pill knowledge help men get sex, and with prettier women. For most men the gain is small, but still appreciated.

Some men take a different path. They are Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), often dropping out of the rat race of education and striving for career advancement. Why bother? A comfortable life is low responsibility, minimal work plus booze, drugs, sports, e-sports, and games.

Some respond with anger. This is exacerbated as they see the portrayal of men by the media (as dolts in advertisements). Some will channel their anger, seeking to change America. These are the ones to watch. Anger is often the first step to political action. More men will respond with inchoate anger, undirected and visceral. They will make excellent recruits for the first group. This might become a powerful boost to the alt-right.

Our elites discourage anger since history shows that pleasant peasants are easier to rule. See these posts about anger as a spur to political action."

It is not just teens. For more of the same, but more disturbing, see “Trends and Patterns of Sexual Behaviors Among Adolescents and Adults Aged 14 to 59 Years, United States” by Gui Liu et al. in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, January 2015  “The sexual behavior trends shown in our analyses are similar to those found in other high-income countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden.”

Social collapse

A second threat is social instability created by the rapid and massive change in gender roles during the past few generations (an eye-blink in history). Like monkeys at the controls of a nuclear power plant, we have spun the dials with little understanding of the machinery. We have ideology, so no testing or experimentation needed! We are fiddling with the keystones of our social structure, heedless of possible ways this could end badly.

I have written 200 posts about the resulting gender wars. Others have given us deeper analysis. The most recent, which I strongly recommend reading, is “Hunting Predators: #MeToo and the Strange Psychology of Mob Justice” by Samuel Veissière at Areo. Here is a brief excerpt. It is not a summary, just an example of the many insights in this article.

“Over the past century, living conditions and opportunities for women have significantly improved. In Western democracies, men’s legal privileges have been entirely eradicated, while positive discrimination practices (in the form of specialized scholarships, hiring policies, the training of educators, gender studies programs, the moral obligation to embrace feminism, etc.) benefitting girls and women have become the norm.

“In popular culture, the virtues once assigned to traditional markers of masculinity like strength, endurance, dignity, protection and selflessness have slowly eroded, giving rise to largely absent, or at best confusing, models of culturally admirable social roles that men can embody.

“In her book Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys (2011), Kay Hymowitz plots the rise of a new archetype of man the loser in American TV and movies of the 1990s and 2000s: a trope she argues has come to offer one of the most prominent role models for Gen X, and millennial (now Gen Z) boys. Homer Simpson, for example, embodies the stereotype of the goofy, impulsive, unsophisticated, accident-prone idiot, incapable of functioning without the wisdom of his wife Marge. In contrast with her brother Bart, who is equally impulsive and troublesome, Lisa is the picture of genius, talent and virtue.

“By the late 1990s, a new archetype of the man-child, can-never-get-it-right goofball was fully installed in our culture, and was being broadcast in films and series starring such actors as Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, John C. Reilly and Will Farrell. We might term this the Seth Rogen effect. In this modern myth, the masculine loser archetype usually comes to show or develop redeeming qualities, but typically needs the wisdom of a woman to help sort him out.”

This essay is a remarkably bold analysis for a social scientist, verging on career-ending political incorrectness. It is descriptive. Readers must apply these insights to see their social impacts.

Also see his paper about this material: “‘Toxic Masculinity’ in the age of #MeToo: ritual, morality and gender archetypes across cultures” at Emerald Insights. It’s well worth reading. Samuel Veissière is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and co-director of the Culture, Mind, and Brain Program at McGill University (Montreal). An anthropologist and cognitive scientist by training, he has published widely on the study of cultural evolution, social dimensions of cognition and mental health, social polarization, and cultural shifts in gender relations.

Recognizing the potential for commodity value in abstract ideas remains very much the game of men. There are no female bitcoin millionaires, for instance, because bitcoin had no societal endorsement until it was already ‘working.’ By the same token, there are also fewer female bankrupts than men. Despite the casualties, however, a disproportionate bulk of any society’s wealth is normally generated by a minority of its men and we can surmise from the evolutionary experience that it was generally better for women to attach themselves to those men than to attempt to become accountable for those risky decisions themselves.

"Summary: Another demonstration of fourth wave feminism’s power in academia, hints at rising fear among corporate executives – and a possible push-back. So far women are winning the Gender Wars, but what they win remains to be seen."

"Fourth wave feminists are removing the bolts from American society. If you listen closely, you can hear the strange noises coming from America’s social machinery. Bolt by bolt. It will only grow worse. In five years the “CEO’s” advice and the Pence Rule (President Pence’s rule?) might be common sense.

“In 2002 Mike Pence told The Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.” {Source: WaPo.}"

"Technological change (e.g., contraceptives, shift to service-based jobs) made possible the next phase in the evolution of western individualism. In Closing of the American Mind Allan Bloom describes the revolution. He describes the irresistible economic and moral changes that have made feminism a dominant ideology in America (like Christianity in traditional western society, it is the acknowledged truth – but not always followed)."

The souls of men — their ambitious, warlike, protective, possessive character — must be dismantled in order to liberate women from their domination. Machismo — the polemical description of maleness or spiritedness, which was the central natural passion in men’s souls in the psychology of the ancients, the passion of attachment and loyalty — was the villain, the source of the difference between the sexes. …With machismo discredited, the positive task is to make men caring, sensitive, even nurturing, to fit the restructured family. …"

"The revolution, now in its final stages, by radical feminists has created a social regime with the logic of socialist collective farming. It looks great on paper. I predict it too will collapse utterly."

The gender wars continue as feminists move into the third phase of blitzkrieg. First they engaged their foe. Then they achieved a breakthrough. Now they are in pursuit of their broken foes, exploiting their advantageous position to gain more power and restructure society.

Un article sur le "il ne faut pas frapper une fille"

Change. We have broken the old gender regime. It can no more be restored than toothpaste put back into the tube. But the emerging feminist regime seems irrational, unfair, and unstable. There is no obvious alternative to it now, but …

"Women are often raised to see themselves as leaders (e.g., in school, in sports, in Girl Scouts). Most men grudgingly accept wives as equals; few accept wives as leaders in marriage. Divorce resolves this struggle for control.

There are indications that women rate most men (roughly 80%) as below average in physical attractiveness, and hence lower than them. It is another example of the Pareto principle. The best known is a study by the dating ap company OkCupid of their internal data. They deleted it (very un-PC), but fragments remain (e.g., here). The most detailed explanation is in Dataclysm: Love, Sex, Race, and Identity–What Our Online Lives Tell Us about Our Offline Selves by OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder. Others have replicated its findings on small scales (e.g., here). So many women will feel that they have married down, vs. their hypergamous “instinct” to “marry up.” This makes them more willing to divorce."

"Summary: Educators bring feminist indoctrination to high schools. Admire their skillful use of techniques developed by Mao and company! The WaPo frankly and unselfconsciously tells the tale. “Struggle sessions”, public pressure to confession & repent, and ideological conversions. This fourth wave feminism, the quest for dominance. It will not end well for America."

"Here is a typical news story in New America. It is unusual only because this event occurred in high school – not college. Boys are guilty of unauthorized thoughts and non-politically correct speech to friends. Then comes the government crackdown and a Maoist-like struggle session – culminating in confession and self-criticism by the guilty. Followed by new programs for indoctrination using authoritarian pressure plus intensive social pressure to conform. It is America’s new education, since teaching about reading and math is so boring. School officials find political activism more fulfilling!"

"This event reads like the classic form of a “struggle session” used in during Communist China’s cultural revolution.These were meetings used to shape public opinion and attack class enemies. A crowd, supported by authority figures, pressures the target to admit crimes – culminating in the target’s conversion to correct though and re-acceptance to the community. These were psychologically powerful and traumatic events. No defense was allowed. Making the target fearful is victory, and the lesson for other class enemies (their time will come). Struggle sessions were often held at the school or workplace of the guilty. For a horrifically vivid description, see Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, an autobiography by Jung Chang."

"This is a profound educational experience for these girls. They get a taste of power. Victim-hood brings power. Feminist power comes through expressions of fear, no matter how imaginary, and working with the government to attack men."

"This shows what many of our schools – first colleges, now grade schools – have become: indoctrination centers to change America’s culture. Needless to say, parents are not consulted. As for traditional education – reading, writing, math – those are secondary to our Leftist masters’ larger goals."

"See the review “Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family” by Rosemarie Ho at The Nation. – “Feminist theorist Sophie Lewis’s new book looks at how rethinking pregnancy and the idea of family as forms of labor is central to emancipatory politics.”"

Of course the ads run the risk of reminding viewers that Bud, if you go back far enough, fed into negative stereotypes about women. But “for us, it’s all about using our past to really serve as a launch pad showing women in a more balanced fashion,” Budweiser VP for marketing Monica Rustgi says. As part of the effort, Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned Budweiser is publicizing the fact that women now comprise more than 80% of the brand’s marketing team. …

"I wrote about this a year ago: The rising number of celibate men: it’s an alarm. Then, as now, the reaction of the great and wise is to blame America’s young men. It’s their just deserts! Most men are betas. Their role of young betas in our new society is to wait patiently while women work on their careers and chase alphas. Betas can get more sex when women eventually decide to “settle” for them. This is explained below. But first, some advice."

"As in the Daily Mail: “Are reluctant men to blame for so many women being childless?” The answer is, of course, yes. Women are eternal victims, without responsibility for their woes."

This is the sort of drivel one gets in a feminized society. Facts and reason are to yield to feelings. It matters not that this day and every day somewhere around a billion children cry. If thirty seconds later the officer handed the brat a sucker and the tears turned to smiles, there was no picture of that. A feminized society indulges in a culture of emotion, of pathos, of weakness.

 "To America’s good fortune, feminization and the broader cultural Marxism into which feminism has been subsumed in recent decades is largely confined to the coastal elites."

"We are making profound changes in gender roles, a foundational aspect of any society, based only on ideology. Without experimentation or testing, even without thought about how these changes will play out over time. We are not even asking the important questions. Our children are lab rats in a social engineering project, despite the horrific results of the Left’s previous large bold project – communism. Why is this rational or ethical?"

"American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going ‘on strike.’ They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates. The trend is so pronounced that a number of books have been written about this "man-child" phenomenon, concluding that men have taken a vacation from responsibility simply because they can. But why should men participate in a system that seems to be increasingly stacked against them?

"As Men on Strike demonstrates, men aren’t dropping out because they are stuck in arrested development. They are instead acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands and providers. In addition, men are going on strike, either consciously or unconsciously, because they do not want to be injured by the myriad of laws, attitudes and hostility against them for the crime of happening to be male in the twenty-first century. Men are starting to fight back against the backlash. Men on Strike explains their battle cry."

"Also, you have to love the casual sexism of this of our era! Experts like Stone wax lyrical about the benefits women provide to men, which they believe so many men are apparently too stupid to see. But they seldom go euphoric over the benefits to women of male partnership, despite women’s great enthusiasm for marriage. All those women reading about “how to get your man to commit” and complaining “those ‘Peter Pans’ who won’t marry women” — don’t they know that women need men like fish need bicycles?"

"How many of these men would say the domestication of men in modern America makes us weaker, not stronger? It is a common story in history that a people take a wrong turn and excitedly zoom off a cliff. Perhaps focusing on the power of women over toxic masculinity is our wrong turn."

"Laws can be changed. Institutions can be reformed. But trust is everything, and lost trust cannot easily be regained.. Time will tell how large are the effects of our lost trust, and how this will evolve over time."

"We are conducting an experiment to see if that powers western society. What is the role of gender differentiation? The Boomers and Millennials have enrolled our children in a giant social experiment, raising children with unisex methods. Each generation has grown up to increasingly dress alike, talk alike, think alike, and behave alike. Boys as girls. Girls as boys.

As always, the change appeared first in fiction. Books, TV, and films reflect a more unisex world. Change the names and pronouns in books (e.g., military science fiction), TV, (crime shows “Castle” and “Forever”), and films (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). A reader cannot identify the gender of the characters."

"Summary: Identity politics is fracturing America society along a dozen fault lines. The last and largest phase, the gender wars, might reverse the process. It might drive men to stand together, no matter what their other identities. If so, it might be another revolution."

"On the other hand, films and TV show women hitting men (even boyfriends) for little or no reason. The men can only cower before their grrl-power righteous rage. Romance is shown as women breaking alpha men into betas – or women marrying beta providers whom they treat like doormats. Competent but socially inept beta men are treated with contempt and abuse by women. There is little in the patriarchal literature or films of the bad old days showing men treating women like that."

"Feminists are winning the war on boys. Boys continue to fall behind as schools evolve into hostile environments for them, with continued growth of special programs for girls. Millions of parents drug their boys to make them compliant like pets.

One institution after another is conquered by feminists, reconfigured to suit their needs – often to the disadvantage of men. For example, Feminist revolutionaries have seized control of colleges.Indoctrination, ever-tightening controls on speech and action (including on the intimate and formerly-private behaviors). Modern women say follow the rules while we break them."

"She runs Living Proof Ministries and has 375 thousand followers on Twitter."

"Soyboys rejoice in their low testosterone. Masculinity becomes “toxic.” Parents are told to raise their boys like eunuchs or girls. Suppress their natures, least they grow up to be politically incorrect. As Martin van Creveld reports, we have become a nation of pussycats (see his provocative and well-documented book, Pussycats.

Newspapers overflow with hatred towards men. NYT Style section: “How Do I Deal With My Anger Toward Men?” NYT: “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido” (written by someone who doesn’t read the NYT). In the WaPo Professor Suzanna Walters asks “Why can’t we hate men?” She concludes with this advice: “Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything.”

It is a common story. Revolutions begin as the pursuit of high ideals, like equality and justice. They often degenerate into the lust for power and vengeance. The casualties are high. Then comes the counter-revolution."

Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power.”

Many nice white soyboys will take her advice. Especially those drugged by their parents in their teens into docile doorstops. They will Go Their Own Way, taking solace in drugs, booze, video games, and sports. But there is always a remnant that will fight back. For masculinity, it is with the alt-right (e.g., the Proud Boys), Blacks and Hispanics, Muslims, immigrants, and the military. Walters’ radicalism, magnified by the Left’s conquest of so many powerful institutions, means that the reasonable middle is being vaporized. The conflict will burn brightly, a clash of extremists.

Coming events might teach Walters’ and her ilk some history, about how Patriarchy was built and maintained. The answer to Walters’ question is “yes.” Women can hate men. But they might not like the results of their unleashed hatred.

Millennial women had near equality in education and employment. In 1982 and every year after, women earned more Bachelor’s degrees than men (the gender gap was 26% in 2017). They earn more than men (see The Guardian, see CNN, see Fortune, see the Census data here and at the source).

Millennial women’s relative performance was boosted by the creation of special programs for girls and massive drugging of boys. ADHD was officially declared a mental illness in 1980 (by DSM-III). Widespread drugging to make boys more docile began in the late 1980s. Ritalin production increased eightfold during the 1990s. Use doubled in Britain in the last decade; US sales rose 83% between 2006 and 2010 (The Times). By 2017, 3.6 million kids were on ADHD drugs – mostly boys.

Millennial women got to choose their narrative, and change it to suit their need of the moment. They can condemn chivalry as male oppression (toxic masculinity) or demand protection. They can be Cinderella or Wonder Woman (e.g., the warrior women cadets at the US Air Force Academy, piled with drink and taken advantage of). Men must comply with the script women choose. Many young men tell me that this leads to strange dates, as they cannot predict what personality the women will wear (or change into, with no notice).

After the apogee comes the fall. The men of Gen Z grew up seeing women casually hitting men on TV and in films, often for frivolous reasons — shown as glorious demonstrations of grrl-power. They watched TV shows about weak men becoming domesticated and strong men being broken. (examples here). There were taught that men must follow the rules while women break them.

Chivalry is a microcosm of the feminist revolution. Dalrock has written much about it, from its noxious beginning in Medieval lore to its mature and beneficial form in the West-that-once-was, to its current noxious state

The Right has shown little interest in resisting the Left’s gender revolution. The institutions on the Right are either supporters or disinterested. As a Boy Scout leader, I worked with parents for 15 years. Even conservatives were feminists or radical feminists when raising their daughters. Mothers and fathers told their daughters that being a tomboy is great, participating in “masculine” sports and activities is great, career is far more important than marriage, etc. Oddly, they are usually surprised when their daughters put their lessons into practice after four radicalizing years at college.

Hence the lack of opposition to increasingly radical feminists (even for the trans agenda and Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries).

"Multiculturalism: the appreciation of diverse cultures, including their behaviours, cultural assumptions, values, ways of thinking, and communication styles. It is the foundation of modern liberalism. Every race, every ethnicity, every religion, every gender deserves respect. Society must accept each as they are. All have the right to exist on their own terms.

There is one exception, however. Men must change!"

Lots of articles, mostly by women, telling guys how to change their nature. Men telling women to change would be evil sexism.

"Boys are indoctrinated beginning in grade school. Boys who show too much spirit are drugged into submission (on Boy Scout treks I have administered the drugs to these boys, most of whom do not need them). Christina Hoff Sommers thoroughly documented this disgraceful story in The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men."

"Young men receive vigorous indoctrination in college, sometimes including mandatory orientation sessions for freshman. Here is a typical film. This is the education for which parents pay one or two hundred thousand dollars – and for which young men burden themselves with crippling student loans (the equivalent of paying for the executioner’s bullet)."

"The Mental Health Center at the University of Texas – Austin went one step farther, with their “MasculinUT” program to indoctrinate students against masculinity (see their instructional posters). Sunlight is toxic to these programs. When asked why a mental health center was indoctrinating against traditional masculinity, they issued a fog of denials and began rebranding the program (no changes to the content, of course)."

The commercial media are both mirrors in which we see ourselves and means by which the leftist-dominated media industries shape America. One long-standing theme is that men — and especially dads — are dumb and irresponsible. With bonus points for those scenes with wise wives and mothers correcting their wayward men.  Most men hate these. So why do commercial media so often run this theme? Perhaps because ideology is tops in modern America.

And {now} the whole business turns nasty. The souls of men —their ambitious, warlike, protective, possessive character — must be dismantled in order to liberate women from their domination. Machismo — the polemical description of maleness or spiritedness, which was the central natural passion in men’s souls in the psychology of the ancients, the passion of attachment and loyalty — was the villain, the source of the difference between the sexes. The feminists were only completing a job begun by Hobbes in his project of taming the harsh elements in the soul. With machismo discredited, the positive task is to make men caring, sensitive, even nurturing, to fit the restructured family.

Thus once again men must be re-educated according to an abstract project. They must accept the “feminine elements” in their nature. A host of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep types invade the schools, popular psychology, TV and the movies, making the project respectable. Men tend to undergo this re-education somewhat sullenly but studiously, in order to avoid the opprobrium of the sexist label and to keep peace with their wives and girlfriends. And it is indeed possible to soften men. But to make them “care” is another thing, and the project must inevitably fail.

“Men lust, but they know not what for; they wander, and lose track of the goal; they fight and compete, but they forget the prize; they spread seed, but spurn the seasons of growth; they chase power and glory, but miss the meaning of life.
“In creating civilization, women transform male lust into love; channel male wanderlust into jobs, homes, and families; link men to specific children; rear children into citizens; change hunters into fathers; divert male will to power into a drive to create. Women conceive the future that men tend to fell; they feed the children that men ignore. …
“Modern society relies on predictable, regular, long-term human activities, corresponding to the sexual faculties of women. The male pattern is the enemy of social stability. This is the ultimate source of female sexual control and the critical reason for it. Women domesticate and civilize male nature. They can jeopardize male discipline and identity, and civilization as well, merely by giving up the role.

"In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged the wealthy “go Galt” and stepping away from the rat race to let the rest of society fend for itself. But now, in one of the most unanticipated turns of history, it appears that young men are doing so, preferring the easy enjoyments of casual sex, drugs, booze, sports, porn and computer games instead of pursuit of career advancement and women.

Hundreds of websites for men espouse these new values. It’s described by psychologist Helen Smith in Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters (2013). From the publisher’s description…

“American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going “on strike.” They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates. The trend is so pronounced that a number of books have been written about this “man-child” phenomenon, concluding that men have taken a vacation from responsibility simply because they can. But why should men participate in a system that seems to be increasingly stacked against them?

“As Men on Strike demonstrates, men aren’t dropping out because they are stuck in arrested development. They are instead acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands and providers. In addition, men are going on strike, either consciously or unconsciously, because they do not want to be injured by the myriad of laws, attitudes and hostility against them for the crime of happening to be male in the twenty-first century. Men are starting to fight back against the backlash. Men on Strike explains their battle cry.”

"We live in an age obsessed with women’s self esteem. Feminists assure us that all (or nearly all) of our problems would be solved if only women held themselves in higher regard. This is closely tied to the idea that women being “true to themselves” is a central virtue. According to our modern thought process women are innately good, so if they have the confidence to be true to themselves they will point men towards virtue. Instead of looking to God for our moral compass, women are to follow their hearts and men are to follow women. These ideas are contrary to the Bible, yet they have been widely adopted by modern Christians."

"See “How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America – And why the hype was irresistible” by Jesse Singal at The Cut. It’s a pitiful story, showing our moral and intellectual gullibility. This is especially sad since the premise is false: “The Truth About Women and Self-Esteem” at Susan Nolen-Hoeksema at Psychology Today — “Women and girls do NOT have low self-esteem.”

This should be obvious, since girls are told since birth that they are wonderful, even awesome. They are beautiful, even if obese. Exceptional, even if average. I have talked to many men from Asia and Europe. They are often astonished at the incredible self-confidence, even narcissism, of American women (few find them to have low self-esteem)."

Identifying the causes of problems is usually essential to their solution. Lots of candidates. Women have won the gender revolution (with the support of Christian conservatives), so we are living in their age of their triumph. Perhaps American has become a nation of low testosterone men. Lots of tech changes. Everyone can make a list.

None of that matters. I believe we have moved beyond the point at which understanding of causes can help. The most we can do is clearly see what is happening and speculate about what comes next. There are three solutions that are seldom discussed.

"The next phase in the feminist revolution has begun, as women unleash their rage as a tool for social change – and men begin to jump off the bandwagon. This might a turning point. What comes next might be even more exciting. What if men initiated 50% of divorces? Divorce equality! At the end see two new books about feminist rage."

"This is important theory, because excising patriarchy from our culture means losing whatever benefits it creates. But we do not care. Social activists are like monkeys in the control room of an atomic power plant, spinning dials and pushing buttons. No experimentation and testing is needed, since they have ideology!"

"This claim is contentious. Today, after all, we associate patriarchy with the hideous abuse of women and children, with poverty and failed states. Taliban rebels or Muslim fanatics in Nigeria stoning an adulteress to death come to mind. Yet these are examples of insecure societies that have degenerated into male tyrannies, and they do not represent the form of patriarchy that has achieved evolutionary advantage in human history."

"Patriarchy may enjoy evolutionary advantages, but nothing has ensured the survival of any particular patriarchal society. One reason is that men can grow weary of patriarchy’s demands. Roman aristocrats, for example, eventually became so reluctant to accept the burdens of heading a family that Caesar Augustus felt compelled to enact steep “bachelor taxes” and otherwise punish those who remained unwed and childless."

"He might be right about the effects of demography on culture. Perhaps feminism is a self-limiting cultural phenomenon, whose success produces irresistible counter-revolutionary ideological forces. But that does not necessarily mean a triumph of Republicans and ancient religions."

Summary: As the gender wars continue with no end in sight, men find their own solutions as individuals. Some learn Game to get casual sex. Some Go Their Own Way. Both feel good for a while. I doubt either will work for men or America over the long-term. Social problems require social solutions, people working together to build a better future (the last post in this series discusses this).

Our current situation seems stable, although dysfunctional. Marriage in its present form does not even make sense. But we will not return to "traditional" values. Technology and ideology have radically changed gender relations in America. I believe the odds are high of radical, even revolutionary, change. New patterns, even new values will emerge. Perhaps neither conservatives nor feminists will like them.

Look at that picture of "W", a boy of the future from Shumaker’s HuffPo article. What might he become in ten years? A broken wreck, perhaps. He might overcome his mother’s indoctrination and have a normal life. Or he might join millions of feminist-raised men recovering their pride in groups that value manliness, such as Identity Evropa (Wikipedia) or the Proud Boys (Wikipedia). Then his mother can write articles for HuffPo about "My boy, the White Nationalist." Or worse, "My boy, the Nazi."

Some people will turn to new religions, or mutant forms of old faiths, for solutions. Fundamentalist Islam has shown that with sufficient effort the clock can be turned back on role of women. See some before-and-after pictures of women in Afghanistan. Similar photos can be found for Iran, Egypt, and other nations. New religions might emerge from the despised and demoralized fringes of society and sweep though America, giving new spirit to the alienated flocks of Americans.

The bottom line: expect the unexpected. New values seldom include moderation or respect those that they replace. I have written scores of posts saying that we should not fear the future. Perhaps I was wrong.

But pack formation is a behavior hard-wired into men. Under pressure from the gender wars, with individual solutions proving less than ideally effective, men will form groups – and then organizations. It will be men’s largest and most effective response to feminism. These, and the goals they choose, will shape American society for the next few generations. My guess: men will band together to do the big version of Game and MGTOW. Major social trends grow on an “s” curve, like bacteria. The first stage, where we are now, feels like change – but in hindsight will look flat compared with the near-vertical growth that lies ahead.

The problem I see is that two parallel forces conspired to strip married fathers of respect, and both were due to envy. First, feminism is animated by envy of men, especially the status of men. Second and most importantly, there is the status of the “patriarchy”.

That feminism conspires to strip the patriarchy of respect is obvious. What is less obvious is the conspiracy of the patriarchy itself to rob married fathers of respect. This occurs when higher status men (pastors, fathers of adult daughters, etc.) envy the respect of married fathers who are lower in the chain (e.g., young fathers in the congregation). This envy is rooted in a desire to have all of the young women focusing on themselves, not on their worthless young husbands (or prospective husbands).

“The problem I see is that two parallel forces conspired to strip married fathers of respect …Feminism conspires…”

As an analyst, I agree. But analytical insights are often poisonous. By portraying men as victims we are acting like girls. That will not help us. We would be better off looking in the mirror and saying “we’ve been weak, and that stops today.”

Of course, that is un-American (as least, in terms of today’s therapeutic value system). Which is why I believe that groups will emerge that allow men to join — admit that they are weak — and transform themselves to strong men.

"The past 60 years of feminists’ changes to society are the logical evolution of western individualism (details here). Men’s awareness of these changes led to the counter-revolution now beginning. There are no white and black hats here, no good guys and bad girls or vice versa. Many factors created today’s precarious situation."

"Almost all the institutions in America have joined the new orthodoxy, from the Boy Scouts to conservative Christian organizations. (see here and here). So the men who rebel are outlaws as they craft individual solutions, such as Game and MGTOW (men going their own way). Learning the body of lore created is taking the Red pill.

The bottom line: today misogyny provides a competitive advantage to men in the “dating” market (an emerged outcome in a market where women set the rules). This success has made misogyny respectable again in some circles."

"Feminists’ revisions to marriage are serious, but another effect of the gender revolution is much more important. The new order provides few mechanisms to socialize men. Schools did it for most; now they wage war on boys. Marriage did it for most, but it might be dying. Sports teams do it weakly. The military do it for a few.

Boy Scouts does this well, but I suspect Scouting will decay from the coming massive influx of girls seeking to put “Eagle Scout” on their resumes. Troops becoming “Eagle factories” are already a serious and growing weakness in Scouting; this might push Scouting over the edge – becoming a different kind of organization, one less useful to society."

"Summary: Enough analysis. This post describes the first part of the solution to the gender war: forming groups to act. Drunk with individualism, we appear to have forgotten this. But no solution to the gender war is possible without men first standing together for a common purpose."

"We can only guess at the motives and goal of packs that will form in the next generation, probably composed mostly of Millennials and Generation Z. Anger is a common starting point. Anger at reverse discrimination, at drugging of boys, at the government’s support of Girl’s Game (easy divorce for women at advantageous terms), at universities’ kangaroo courts for control of speech and prosecution of doggy sexual harassment claims, and American institutions’ increasingly tight regulation of “toxic masculinity” — by which they often mean “masculinity.” (For more about anger as a political tool, see section 11 here.)

Some packs will form for fellowship and mutual support, such as sports, games, or ideology. Red Pill thinking encourages self-improvement, especially physical fitness. Some packs will form to pursue political goals: elect a friend or colleague, support or oppose a proposed law, pursue a neighborhood project, or defects from a mainstream political party to create a new group (that is happening now with the proliferation of alt-Right groups).

Any of these can come first or in combination – anger, common interests, or politics. The original purpose matters little once the machinery of pack formation begins. Men automatically organize, train, and recruit for the group.

Men’s alienation from existing organizations will drive the formation of countless packs, each a petri dish in which a thousand variables combine to produce a unique product. Eventually some of these groups will have the right mixture of people, beliefs, resources, and opportunities to go viral (it only takes one such group to change a nation). They will begin the counter-revolution. They will accomplish what no numbers of individuals can do: change the institutional structure of an increasingly anti-men society."

To get a sense of the true chaos behind her argument, just have a look at the cover of Good and Mad. Notice that the blood-red title stands against a gray field of the word “F*CK” (asterisk hers) repeated 120 times on a 5 X 24 grid. Deconstruct that. Is it the generative act of copulation itself that she is inveighing against? Should it be gotten rid of? Will that solve the problems of a foundering hyper-complex industrial society?

Ms. Traister might have used the word “power” five hundred times in her conversation with the excessively gallant Sam Harris {Ed. – an incredible 145 times}. The choo-choo train of “post-structuralist” ideology that pulled into the college scene in the 1990s, when she was a student, is based on the idea that all relations between men and women – and all human endeavor, for that matter – come down to questions of who has power over whom. The result, naturally enough, has been an escalating power struggle between men and women that has the potential to tear this society apart.

It has already damaged our understanding of what men and women are supposed to be, and the outcome so far is that men are not sufficiently female and vice-versa. Thus the consecration of “transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender-nonconforming” states of being as heroic, and the demonizing cries of “toxic masculinity” ringing through the ivory towers, the halls of congress, and the corporate C-suites.

Much of this stems from the fact that only in the past half century have men and women tried to occupy the same work-spaces, especially in political bureaucracies. Until fairly recently, men and women existed in rather separate work-and-social worlds, with behaviors that seem weird and quaint today — for instance, the practice of men and women retiring to different rooms for conversation after a dinner party, based on the idea, possibly true, that they had categorically different interests (as suggested by James Damore in his notorious Google memo).

She sees the world only in terms of power and tribalism. In her discussion of the Kavanaugh hearings, she shows no awareness that evidence is important – or that false accusations of sexual assault (even rape) are common (examples here). Or that lies are an effective tool for political action (details here).

Note her somewhat incoherent description of the three waves of feminism. Stated more clearly, the first wave was about getting the vote (the suffragettes). The second was about getting equality in schools and work. The third wave was about social justice, restructuring society to produce deeper kinds of equality. The fourth wave has just begun. They seek superiority of women over men. It is easy to test for 4th wave writing. Apply the standard test for bias; reverse the genders. If it sounds grossly misogynist, it is written by a 4th wave feminist.

"Congratulations, America. The Left has volunteered you, your family, and your nation as lab rats in one of history’s largest social engineering projects. If allowed to run, in a generation or two it will drastically and irreversibly reshape America. Rest assured, Leftists do this with full confidence that their ideology guarantees a happy ending. Just like their confidence that communism would bring unprecedented peace, prosperity, and social justice to Russia, China, Eastern Europe, and the other nations testing this radical new social system. They are sorry about the results."

"Rapid change of gender roles and relations that are fundamental to society. Definitions of men and women, marriage, homosexuals, transgenders, etc. It is an ever-lengthening list. What can only be imagined today becomes subject of massive propaganda campaigns followed by legal action followed by action against those who oppose it. Wave after wave of change."

"The decades-long push to change the lives of girls has succeeded. By 2007, two-thirds of students in the National Honor Society were girls. Girls outperform on every measure of academic performance. A June 2009 paper in PNAS found that girls “had reached parity with boys in mathematics performance in the U.S., even in high school where a gap existed in earlier decades.” It is often said that 70% of high school valedictorians are girls.

Girls are heavily involved in sports programs, even beginning to participate in formerly all-male programs – such as football. Girls Scouts of America has taken the STEM pledge; getting more girls into STEM is its new raison d’etre. Enrichment and other special programs for girls are everywhere. Everywhere I look, girls are a large majority of leaders in high schools and coed youth organizations.

Toxic masculinity is being removed from schools. In 2015-16 the percentage of public school teachers who are women reached a century-long record high of 77%; 54% of principals are women (source)."

"The largest global survey of this type is the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment(PISA). See this excerpt from volume III of their 2015 report.

“29% of girls but 39% of boys reported that they are very satisfied with their life …9% of boys but 14% of girls reported a level of life satisfaction equal to 4 or lower on a scale of 0 to 10.”  {Note about those numbers: that is a 34% difference in those “very satisfied” and 55%difference number with low life satisfaction."

"This might be one of the most important subjects of our time, as the Left rewrites our society’s operating “software” – without experimentation, based only on ideology. Our youth are their lab rats. Although still in its early stages, this project has already reshaped the lives of our youth in many ways. We have made little effort to weigh the benefits vs. the costs.

The War Against Boys has been well-documented (also see The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling). But the media narrative about girls has been only about continuing oppression and endless “first girl” breakthroughs. The increasing evidence of bad side-effects has been successfully suppressed for decades, but can no longer be ignored."

Fourth wave feminism is women seeking superiority over men {details here}. Take a feminist’s speech and reverse the genders. If sounds sexist, then she is in the fourth wave. They are often quite open about it. Here’s a fun example, showing how far the idea has spread. The author understands the unpleasant message she gives men, so she makes clear statements about the Matriarchy along with assurances that it won’t be a matriarchy.

The “cuckservatives” are part of the problem. It is more accurate to say that weak men are screwing up society. I’ve wanted to write about this, but it’s too complex and I don’t understand it sufficiently. Here is how I see it, as best I can.

Great societies work hard to produce strong boys that become useful men (unlike feral men, who are strong but destructive). Instead modern America produces hordes of weak men. Withdrawal from dating and marriage is a natural response of weak men.

How did this happen? Disasters (excluding natural disasters) usually result from multiple and reinforcing errors. Feminists produce weak sons. Dads subservient or acquiescing to their feminist wives produce weak sons. Families too busy to raise sons, especially with few larger institutions doing so, produce weak sons. Single mothers produce weak sons. Feminist-dominated institutions – such as our schools, churches and youth groups – produce weak boys. Institutions that train boys to be strong, such as Boy Scouts and male-only sports programs, are under attack.

Worse, we’ve stopped raising girls. So they grow in accord with their core programming. What we thought was their natural state was in fact the result of intense indoctrination (e.g. pronatalism). So we get, as often seen in music videos, somewhat feral girls. Like feral men, they are disruptive to society. The combination is potentially lethal.

"Identity politics turns us from the pursuit of equality to the pursuit of power. That is what factional political movements do, which is why the Founders feared them. But good marketing does not mean good strategy. Legitimizing sexism (and racism) undoes generations of effort to produce a more equal society, one with fewer barriers. Everybody can play identity politics. Men and women. Whites and Blacks. Like yin and yang, the rise of one movement produces the rise of its opposite. More strife helps nobody – except the various movements’ leaders."

"Long ago, I was taught the basics of gender studies and feminism by Professor Judith Long Laws (author of The Second X: Sex Role and Social Role, 1978). She taught that the best test for sexism was role reversal. Swap the male and female roles in a sentence, story, or scenario. Does it still seem fair? That was second wave feminism. Third wave feminism wants more than equality. The family court system in many American states apply its prime tenet, which is succinctly stated in this t-shirt."



Un petit rappel de la situation des hommes aux Etats-Unies sans mentioner les dispositifs féministes dit égalité et de réprésentation sexuée :

*More than twice as likely to become alcoholics than women.

*Twice as likely to die from a drug overdose.

*77% of all suicides in America are committed by males.

*America has the highest rate of male incarceration per capita of any country in the world.

*Boys are twice as likely as girls to be diagnosed emotionally disturbed and twice as likely to experience a behavioral or learning disorder.

*In our nation’s schools, boys are behind girls in nearly every educational marker, including grades, test scores, and college attendance and matriculation.

Over a period of decades, the destitution of millions of boys and men has been growing.  For twenty of those years, the Gurian Institute has called attention to the needs of both boys and girls and developed solutions to core issues facing each population.